Universal Primer


Universal primer concentrate for absorbent and porous substrates, both for interior and exterior use.


  • Reduces absorption of porous substrates
  • Reinforces substrates to be covered with wallpaper and tiles
  • Increases adhesion to the substrate Facilitates removal of wallpaper during renovation
  • Increases resistance and flexibility of the substrate
  • For interior and exterior use


  • Priming absorbent and porous substrates (cellular concrete, concrete, cement boards, gypsum boards, drywalls, gypsum, cement and cement-lime plasters)
  • Primer for paints, plasters, wallpapers, cement jointless floors, levelling and self-levelling floors, spackling pastes,  adhesives, ceramic tiles, acrylic and mineral mixtures
  • Protective coating for screed

Technical Parameters

Consumption: 0,01–0,05 l/m²
Coverage: even up to 400 m², dilution 1:5
Product name Packaging Content Pieces per pallet
Universal Primer Canister 5l 108

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