Acrylic Bathtubs & PVC

Sanitary Silicone

Fast curing silicone containing fungicides that protect joints against fungi and mildew. It has a perfect adhesion, especially to acrylic bathtubs and PVC. With its neutral cure formula, it is virtually odourless and does not cause corrosion. Once cured, it creates a non-shrink and elastic joint.


  • Strong adhesion to acrylic and PVC surfaces
  • Resistant to mould and fungus growth
  • Does not cause corrosion


  • Sealing joints around acrylic bathtubs, washbasins, PVC shower cubicles, shower trays and pools
  • Pointing joints in ceramic tiles and corner joints

Technical Parameters

Color: white
System of curing: neutral
Curing rate: 2,0 mm/24 h (+23°C, 50% RH) Product name
Product name Packaging Content Pieces per box Pieces per pallet
Acrylic Bathtubs & PVC Sanitary Silicone Cartridge 310 ml 12 1440

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