Matisol SBS

Bitumen Shingles

Bitumen shingles Matisol SBS is a line of roof coverings with increased content of bitum, dedicated for individual, residential and industrial buildings. The structural base of Matisol shingles is a glass-fi bre tissue covered on both sides by a bitumen protective layer that is weather and ageing resistant. The entire bottom surface of Matisol shingles is covered with bituminous adhesive for effi cient application of shingles to the substrate.


  • Very good application properties (complete adherence of each layer)
  • Long-lasting quality confi rmed by 20 years’ guarantee
  • Flexible even at freezing temperature


  • Slope roofs with an angle between 12° and 75°
  • Both new and renovated coverings

Technical Parameters

Content of asphalt: ≥ 1 300 g/m²
The maximum tensile force: N/50 mm
Direction along the width: ≥ 600
Direction along the height: ≥ 400
Nail tearing strength: ≥ 100 N
Reaction to fire: Klasa E
External fire: BROOF(t1)
Flow resistance at +90°C: ≤ 2 mm
Water absorption: ≤ 2%
Mineral topping adhesion: ≤ 2,5 g
Product name Type Dimension m2/piece Pieces per pallet
Matisol SBS Hexagon 100 x 31 cm 3 m2 40
Rectangular 100 x 34 cm 3,2 m2 40
Beaver tail 100 x 34 cm 3,85 m2 36
Arkadia 100 x 31 cm 3 m2 40

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