Low Modulus MS Sealant

Low Modulus Sealant based on MS polymer. Product has low Module and high elasticity after curing and with a wide range of application in the construction industry


  • Low Modulus, class 25 LM
  • High elasticity
  • High resistance to UV radiation
  • Can be painted (possibility of painting even uncured sealant)
  • Neutral, non-corrosive to metals and applicable on alkaline surfaces
  • Can be applied indoor and outdoor
  • High Chemical Resistance


  • Sealing facades
  • Filling gaps, joints, slots in concrete, wood, gypsum, masonry and other building materials
  •  Sealing skirting-boards, panels, plates made of synthetic materials, glaze, terracotta, elements made of synthetic materials, wood, metals, metal plates, for all types of surfaces in building such as brick, concrete, gypsum, plasters

Technical Parameters

Application temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Density (ISO 2811-1): 1,45 g/ml
Skin formation time: 20–40 min
Curing rate: 2–3 mm/24h
Shrinkage (ISO 10563): 1–4%
Elongation at break (ISO 8339): 400–700%
Shore A hardness (ISO 868): 22–28
Movement accommodation: 25%
Temperature resistance after curing: -40°C to +90°C
Product name Packaging Content Pieces per box Pieces per pallet Colors
Low Modulus MS Sealant Foil 600 ml 12 1152 Grey

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