KDT 12

Foam Adhesive for Thermal Insulation

KDT 12 is dedicated for mounting thermal insulation boards on flat roofs, both new and renovated. It ensures perfect adhesion to typical construction materials and increased wind resistance.


  • Wind resistant formula
  • High yield
  • Fast initial curing time (1 h)
  • Application below 0°C
  • Perfect adhesion to typical construction materials
  • Easy application


  • Mounting insulation boards on flat roofs
  • It is suitable for polystyrene boards, XPS, mineral wool

Technical Parameters

Yield: 13 m2
Application temperature: -5°C to +35°C
Can temperature: +5°C to +35°C (optimum +20°C)
Open time: ≤ 10 min
Correction time: < 15 min
Anchoring time: ≥ 2 h
Heat conductivity factor: > 0,036 W/mK
Product name Packaging Content Pieces per box Pieces per pallet
KDT 12 Foam Adhesive for Thermal Insulation Can 750ml 12 624


  1. Self-adhesive bituminous membrane Tack-R ST25 S50
  2. Self-adhesive bituminous membrane Tack-R SU20 S25
  3. EPS 100 thermal insulation
  4. KDT 12 polyurethane adhesive
  5. Self-adhesive bituminous waterproof membrane Tack-R S ALU S26
  6. Priming preparation
  7. Steel-concrete ceiling

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