Evomer Fast Primer

Fast Drying Bituminous-Polymer Primer

Evomer Fast Primer is an innovative bitumen-polymer fast drying solution dedicated for preparing the roof surface before installation of roofing and waterproofing materials. Due to polymerization technology, the primer has a perfect adhesion and ensures full surface stability. Evomer Fast Primer does not contain any organic solvents, so it is non-flammable and safe for both polystyrene and the environment.


  • Drying time within 20 min only
  • High yield
  • Safe (non-flammable, no solvents)


  • Preparation of mineral, bitumen, wooden and steel surfaces prior to the installation of waterproof membranes

Technical Parameters

Consistency: liquid, homogeneous, without inclusions
Drying temperature at +23°C/50% RH on concrete: 20 min
Drying temperature +5°C/50% RH on concrete: 60 min
Drying temperature +23°C/50% RH on non-absorbing surfaces (steel, roof felt): 30 min
Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C
Elasticity at low temperature (cold bending): -20°C
Vertical fl ow resistance at increased temperature: +90°C
Product name Packaging Content Pieces per pallet
Evomer Fast Primer Fast Drying Bituminous-Polymer Primer Bucket 9kg 44
Bucket 18kg 27

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