Energy 2020

Gun Polyurethane Foam

Innovative gun polyurethane foam which eliminates thermal bridges efficiently and permanently. It reduces heat loss in joinery insulation by up to 60%*.
Perfect solution for energy-efficient buildings.


  • Reduces heat loss in joinery insulation up to 60%*
  • Dense, homogeneous structure
  • Fast cutting time: ≤ 30 min
  • Low pressure foam – prevents bowing of window & door frames
  • Acoustic insulation: up to 64 dB
  • All-season – application temperature: -10°C to +35°C
  • Does not emit MDI during application**

* Value based on theoretical calculations regarding energy effi ciency of insulation between window frame and wall completed with Energy 2020 PU foam versus standard foams of Selena Group: ITB report number 02207/13/Z00NF. Should not be associated with the energy effi ciency of the entire building. More information available in technical documentation.
** The lack of MDI emission was certifi ed by SP Proving Forskning Swedish Institute.
*** Product classifi ed by The Building Information Foundation RTS as M1 building material class. Once cured, it does not emit any hazardous substances.
All communicated parameters were measured in compliance with Selena’s internal standards and depend heavily on external curing conditions, equipment quality and adherence to application instructions.
The parameters were measured in standard laboratory conditions +23°C and 50% RH.


  • Perfect for mounting energy-effi cient windows and doors
  • Filling in places prone to thermal bridging


Heat transfer coefficient: U ≤ 0,5 (W/m2*K)
Air permeability: class 4 (1 200 Pa)
Air permeability coefficient: a < 0,01 [m3/(m*h*daPa2/3)]
Water tightness: class E 1800 Pa
Water vapour permeability μ: 16
Yield: up to 45 l
Cutting time: ≤ 30 min
Application temperature: -10°C to +35°C
Can temperature: +5°C to +30°C
Shelf life: 18 months

In applications

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