B1 2K PU Foam

B1 2K PU Foam is intended to be used to temporarily or permanently reinstate the fire resistance performance of flexible wall constructions, rigid wall constructions and rigid floor constructions where they have been provided with apertures which are penetrated by various cables, conduits / tubes, pipes and installation supports (perforated or nonperforated steel cable trays and steel ladders).


  • Fire resistant class EI 120
  • Adjusts to any shape
  • Fast curing – residues can be cut off after 2 min
  • European Technical Assesment


  • Cable connectors and routes

Technical Parameters

Foam yield: up to 2,1 l
Colour: red-brown
Reaction to fire: Class E
Shelf life: 12 months
Product name Packaging Content Pieces per box Pieces per pallet
B1 2K PU Foam Cartridge 380 ml 6 720

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