Abizol H/(RDR)

Deep Penetrating Primer

Is a deep-penetrating, solvent, bituminous primer for priming substrates to form a contact layer for bituminous waterproofing.


  • Short drying time
  • Works even on slightly moisten surfaces
  • Deeply penetrates the substrate
  • Resistant for weak acids and bases


Priming concrete substrates

Before covering with hydrophobic coatings

Prime under torch-applied roof membranes

Technical Parameters

Consistency: liquid
Colour: black
Application temperature: +5°C to +35°C
Curing time: 3 h
Consumption: 0,2–0,3 kg/m² for 1 layer
Number of layers: 1
Product name Packaging Content Pieces per pallet
Abizol H/(RDR) Deep Penetrating Primer Metal bucket 4,5kg 96
Metal can 9kg 65
Metal bucket 18kg 33

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